This might be a new one. We all know the Catholic Church is responsible for all the evils in the world but now Joel Connelly, a liberal columnist for the SeattlePi, wrote that Catholics who take Catholicism seriously are responsible instigating anti-Catholicism.

Connelly starts off his column pretty impressively with some obfuscation, smoke, and then quickly devolves into lies. And he does it all impressively in one line. Check it out:

When he should get time to reflect after his father’s recent death, and to appreciate the life of his assassinated uncle, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., is being told — in effect — to get out of his church.

He should be given time to appreciate his uncle who died over 40 years ago? Look, how much time does this guy need? I think his therapist might be overcharging.

But you see, Patrick Kennedy unfortunately has done very very little with his own life so Joel Connelly was forced to raise the specter of Kennedy’s father and uncle as a way to reflect some borrowed glory on Patrick Kennedy.

What is it about liberals and the name “Kennedy?” They all start acting like 13 year old girls who just saw the Jonas Brothers. Seriously, you want to see a liberal freak out just criticize a Kennedy. It’s kinda’ fun. Bishop Tobin knows this all too well by now.

So after Connelly’s done dragging out every Kennedy but Bobby, he lies. Bishop Tobin obviously never told Patrick Kennedy to “get out of his church.” Not even close.

But Connelly’s rolling so we’ll let him continue. He says that Bishop Tobin’s words are instigating a rash of anti-Catholicism.

“Millions of American Catholics have gone somewhere else — in my case, long ago, to the Episcopal Church — or chosen to stay home, because of the actions and pronouncements of prelates like Bishop Tobin.

In recent years, the Vatican has seen fit to install bishops who show no respect for conscience, or for a U.S. Constitution that wisely separates Caesar from Peter.

They give orders, demand unquestioned obedience, and treat Communion wafers as political weapons..

The behavior of hard-line prelates elsewhere has stoked the fires of anti-religious and anti-Catholic prejudice. Just read certain “liberal” Seattle blog sites and in the printed word.

The bishops have made it difficult to begin a necessary dialogue on prevention of unwanted pregnancies. They’ve made it immeasurably tougher the job of articulating legitimate ethical objections to assisted suicide.

Nor have the faithful taken political counsel from purple hats. Barack Obama, the pro-choice presidential nominee, captured a majority of votes from American Catholics in the 2008 election.

Thomas Keefe, a Spokane lawyer (and expatriate Seattlite), Catholic University law grad and former nominee for Congress, reacted to the latest brouhaha by sending off a blistering letter to the Diocese of Providence.

“It should come as little wonder why the Catholic Church continues to lose appeal in our society when a fool like Bishop Tobin passes for a church leader,” Keefe wrote.

So the loony anti-Catholics are out for blood and whose fault is it? Bishop Tobin’s of course.

And the poor Vatican must be reeling because some guy who ran for Congress (AND LOST!) called Bishop Tobin a “fool.” I’m sure the Vatican is quivering that some lawyer from Spokane dashed off a blistering letter.

The odd thing here is that Connelly admits that he left the Church. And so can Kennedy. So can anyone. It’s a volunteer organization. The Church is the Church. Nobody’s forced to join. But for some reason, people freak out all the time about the Church “forcing” people to do this or that. How? The Swiss Guard?

I know. I know. The Church is responsible for all the evils in the world. And now, according to Connelly the Church is also responsible for anti-Catholicism.

Oddly, I don’t remember Connelly’s column excoriating Muslim terrorists for instigating anti-Islamic behavior but maybe that’s next.