Well, they did it. In what would pass for farce in a sane world, the EPA has declared it has the power to regulate our air. This is not a regulation to prevent harmful pollutants that would destroy our air, but rather that the air itself has been declared a harmful pollutant.

Whether or not you you find plausible the claims of global warming alarmists, this type of power grab should take your breath away.

As leaders of the world spew tons of carbon on route to Copenhagen to discuss how to prevent you from spewing tons of carbon by breathing, the EPA decided that the UN process smacked of ineffective democracy and took matters into their own hands.

By fiat, the EPA can regulate anything that produces CO2, presumably that includes every aspect of your lives. It is tiresome and pointless to continue to point out that the founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves, because the eco-nazis will eventually (many of them have already) come to the conclusion that the only real solution lies in many more graves, rolling or otherwise.

If CO2 is a pollutant then you are the polluter. You and your fellow mouth breathers are now big pollution, regardless of how many offsets you promise to purchase or trees you plant. The inescapable conclusion is that people are the problem and the problem must be reduced or eliminated.

That said, I have only one wish. Let’s not drag this out. Think of all the CO2 that will be expended over the next 20 or 30 years as we protest our liberties being taken away before you get around to taking our lives. Can we please cut to the chase and have this out now? In another 20-30 years, me and my five little carbon footprints will be holed up in Montana armed to the teeth teaching my little grand-carbon footprints how to whittle, spit, and field-strip an M16 bought on the Mexican black market.

But you, you environmentally conscious elite, will be old, peer reviewed, and childless. What chance will you stand against my brood then? No, your best chance is to take care of us now while you still have the zeal. Ordinarily, I would choose to wait you out, but I can’t stand the thought of the next generation’s slow death by a thousand cuts and all those millions of people sacrificed at the altar of eco-Marxism.

Either way, I promise you one thing. There will be a lot of heavy breathing before we are done. Regulate that. Gotta go now. Have to teach my kids how to field dress a polar bear.