You’ve heard all that talk about the counseling that abortion clinics do and that abortion is always the last resort. Well, I know you’ll be shocked but it’s not true. And that’s according to Planned Parenthood.

Anderson Cooper of CNN did a story about abortion and visited an abortion clinic in New York City. Sadly, Cooper didn’t have time to actually speak to any pro-lifers in his story but the Planned Parenthood woman did enough damage to her own cause, I guess.

When Cooper asked the local director of a New York City Planned Parenthood, here’s essentially what the lady from Planned Parenthood says:

1) First we talk about money.
2) Then we do the abortion.

The Cooper quickly attempts to ameliorates the coldness of her statements by asking about counseling. And only then does the director of the Planned Parenthood quickly throw out some lines about counseling they do.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Cooper: This is the waiting room. Someone comes in here and then what?

PP Director: They would’ve called us on the phone. We would’ve gone over with them whether they have health insurance, whether that covers the procedure or not, whether they were planning to pay out of pocket, we offer them to see an entitlement counselor when they come in to review with them what services they may be covered for and to get somebody the coverage they need for all services.

Cooper: And then what’s the next step?

PP Director: We don’t want people to have too many barriers to care. Then they can have whatever services it is that they wanted to come in for.

Cooper: So everything can be done the same day…

Cooper: And in terms of counseling what kind of counseling does the woman have?

PP Director: A lot of information which is what’s going to happen today. Are you sure of your decision? How can we help you think about all your options.

Odd that this woman only brought up counseling only after Cooper pushed it, huh? When originally asked about what happens to a patient, the director of Planned Parenthood said they talk about money and then it’s onto the abortion.

We all knew that Planned Parenthood is only about money but it’s nice to have them admit it once in a while too. Planned Parenthood is not about women. It’s not about families. It’s about money. It’s that simple.

The video is below: