Lex Luthor wears Eleanor Holmes-Norton pajamas to bed. I say this because poor Lex’s sole ambition in life was to destroy Metropolis. One little fictional city and he couldn’t get it done.

Now compare Lex’s futility with the masterful destruction of Washington D.C. by delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton who is on the brink of effectively destroying our nation’s capitol with a few simple maneuvers.

Seriously, if you were trying to destroy a city you would have to seriously consider the near perfect storm of taxpayer backed debauchery that Norton and her pals in Congress are seeking to enact right now. If Holmes has her way (and it looks like she might), the federal government will be funding abortions in D.C., legalizing marijuana in D.C, and handing out needles to junkies in D.C. All on the taxpayer dime, mind you.

The Washington Post reports:

A House and Senate Appropriations conference committee approved legislation late Tuesday that would allow the District to use local tax dollars to help low-income women pay for abortions, to allow patients to legally use marijuana when it is prescribed by a doctor and to continue to fund needle-exchange programs in a bid to limit the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Could you imagine a worse prescription for what ails Washington D.C.?

Free abortions? Free needles for junkies? Legal marijuana? Holmes-Norton took a break from her victory dance to be quoted in the Post:

“This is a great triumph for the District,” Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said Wednesday. Although two votes remain, Norton said, “we think it’s over.” The financial services legislation that governs District spending is contained in a large package of bills, “and it will be hard to take this one out,” she said. “We’re almost home free.”

Where is Superman when you need him?

When will liberals learn that free does not equal compassion. When someone’s addicted to drugs, compassion doesn’t mean giving them needles. Compassion is helping them kick the habit. When a woman is having a baby, compassion isn’t killing the baby for free it’s helping the mother care for the child. And legalizing drugs doesn’t help anybody.

And as if this all couldn’t get any worse, Washington D.C. city council is effectively forcing the Catholic Church’s social services out of D.C. by enacting a law that would force the Church to offer benefits to same sex couple and provide adoptions for gay couples.

So in short, killing of the unborn for free, free needles for junkies, and legalized marijuana. And no social services from the Catholic Church.

Lex Luthor would be jealous.