The New York Times reports that Tennessee Harold Ford is looking to be the next Senator from…New York? Yup.

Well New York brought it on themselves by electing a former First Lady from Arkansas as their Senator so all bets are off. But the carpetbagging isn’t even the most egregious thing.

But where is Ford on the issues? Well, it’s tough to pin him down. Not because he’s not willing to speak because Ford will speak to anyone with a camera. But because the words Ford uses don’t necessarily mean what anyone in the entire world thinks they mean.

Ford, who ran as a pro-lifer when he was in the red state of Tennessee now says that while he said he was pro-life in the past, he was only trying to redefine what the term “pro-life” meant.

On Friday, Ms. Gillibrand’s advisers held a series of conference calls, scrambling to devise a strategy to deal with Mr. Ford. The consensus that emerged was that the former congressman is a blank slate, and Gillibrand supporters needed to move quickly to highlight parts of Mr. Ford’s record that might prove troublesome for him, like his position on abortion rights. (While he described himself during the 2006 Senate race as “pro-life,” a Ford adviser maintained that it was an attempt to take back a term that he felt anti-abortion groups had unfairly appropriated. Mr. Ford, the adviser said, has always supported abortion rights.)


In the words of ol’ Inigo Montoya “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

But maybe that’s what pro-life Democrats Ben Nelson and Bob Casey meant too.