A Pennsylvania pharmacist has been charged with causing his pregnant girlfriend to have a miscarriage.

But the interesting thing is that Orbin Eeli Tercero, 38, is being charged with criminal homicide of an unborn child, first-degree murder of an unborn child, aggra vated assault of an unborn child, aggravated assault, hindering apprehension or prosecution, and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

Star Gazette reports:

The charges are based on the following events, according to police:
The victim, a 36-year-old woman from Sayre and a pharmacist at a Wegmans Market, said she had a two-year physical relationship with Tercero, also a Wegmans pharmacist.

Tercero was engaged to another woman at the time.

The victim, whose name is being withheld by this newspaper, told Tercero she was pregnant in mid-January.

Tercero told the woman he could use the drug misoprostol to induce a miscarriage. The victim told Tercero she would get an abortion instead. The victim, however, made a Feb. 24 appointment for an abortion but changed her mind. She called Tercero to tell him she would keep the baby.

In late February, on the victim’s birthday, Tercero visited her at home and used misoprostol he allegedly stole from Wegmans pharmacy to cause the miscarriage.
Without her knowing it, Tercero put one pill in her vagina, one in her juice and one in her water. She was 13 weeks pregnant at the time.

When the victim began to miscarry, she found a partially dissolved misoprostol tablet among the discharge. Tercero drove the victim to Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, where she miscarried.

Guy sounds like a real prize, huh?

I’m glad that the authorities in Pennsylvania are charging the man to the full extent of the law but the whole thing makes no sense to me. How can pro-aborts claim the mantle of science when they base the question of humanity to a woman’s decision. That’s not science. The baby was a person because the woman decided it was?

Now, this story won’t get reported, of course, as pro-choice violence because we all know that pro-lifers are the violent lunatics.

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