Prophecy has a bad rap.

When people think of prophecy, wild visions of predicted doom rush to mind. One cannot divorce prophecy from the prediction of future events, no sense in arguing that point. But in seeing only the obvious, many people lose sight of the purpose of this important gift of the Holy Spirit, to provide hope.

The Old Testament prophets did not primarily concern themselves with events in the future or portray the future as some abstract freight train of destiny filled with unstoppable momentum. Rather, God sent prophets to tell the people what they are doing wrong, to rebuke them for turning away from God and the commandments, and to cajole them with visions of a future of their own choosing. Turning our backs on God has consequences and the prophets knew this.

But the great prophets were always concerned with the present. Repent, and God will show you mercy. To those with ears to listen, the prophets were the voice of hope. It won’t always be this bad. God will … Continue Reading @ National Catholic Register