When are pro-lifers going to finally get it through their heads that there is no place for them in the Democratic Party? You cannot be pro-life and Democrat. The Democrat Party IS the party of death.

The Politico is reporting that Nancy Pelosi stuck her nose into the business of the Pennsylvania delegation in order to ensure that a pretend pro-life Democrat didn’t rise to the Appropriations committee.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s aides won’t say whether the California Democrat influenced the outcome of a contentious Pennsylvania delegation vote on which member to recommend as a successor to the late Rep. John Murtha on the Appropriations Committee.

Democratic insiders have pointed at Pelosi as a factor in Rep. Patrick Murphy’s edging Rep. Chris Carney in the 11-member vote – particularly after the dean of the delegation, Rep. Paul Kanjorski, told a local newspaper that Carney would have been knocked out of the running for the spending slot at the next level, a vote by the Pelosi-dominated Steering and Policy Committee…

Democratic sources say that Carney fell victim to a whisper campaign that held he could not win Steering Committee support because he opposes abortion rights.

Being on the appropriations committee gives a congressman great power and Pelosi clearly didn’t want an even nominally pro-life Democrat to have more power in the party.

It’s not even like Carney is actually pro-life. He just comes from a red district so that means he has to make some noise once every two years and pretend to be pro-life. But Pelosi can’t even have that.

Pelosi remembers well all the hoops she had to jump through to pass Obamacare after pretend pro-lifers squealed for months before finally surrendering their souls to the gaping swirling vacuous abyss of Nancy Pelosi’s freakish eyes of soul suckage that dominate her plastic visage. And she’s not forgetting it.