House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced today that she has “told” Catholic cardinals, archbishops and bishops to speak from the pulpit in favor of immigration reform and tell Catholics who oppose it that reform “is a manifestation of our living the gospels,” according to CNS News.

Firstly, I’m waiting for the hundreds of media stories about the separation of church and state that we saw when the bishops publicly opposed the healthcare bill. I suspect you won’t see the media getting irate in the same way.

CNS quotes Pelosi putting her hypocrisy on parade:

“I would hope that there’s one thing that we can do working together as we go forward that speaks to what the Bible tells us about the dignity and worth of every person — and that is on the subject of immigration,” Pelosi said in her remarks. “Because I think the Church is going to have to play a very major role in how we, in how people are treated.”

Holy hypocrisy!

Why doesn’t she just get her 59 religious sisters involved since she seems to think they’re the true and authoritative voice of the Church?