A British abortion organization is opening up a chain of abortion clinics in China, you know the land of forced abortions.

And you thought all those pro-aborts were actually pro-choice?

Times Online reports:

Marie Stopes International (MSI) has opened five outlets in China’s eastern province of Jiangsu. Here the selective abortion of girls has led to a gender imbalance of up to 131 boys for every 100 girls.

The closeness of MSI’s relationship with the Chinese government was shown earlier this month when Li Bin, its population minister, visited the MSI offices in London and an abortion clinic in Bristol.

But hold on it gets better. MSI is arguing that they’re going to China to promote “choice” in China. Ha! These people are insane if they expect anyone not in the media to believe something like that. An organization that makes its money performing abortions is going to the land of forced abortion to teach them that children should sometimes not be aborted. What?

I’m trying to think of an analogy to that but none are coming into my head. Feel free to offer some up and make me feel stupid.

Sadly, according to the article, some in England seem most upset by the fact that MSI receives millions in taxpayer funds and they’re wondering why their money is being used to abort Chinese babies when it could be so much better spent on killing little English babies.

God help us.