Awww! The poor things at Big Abortion seemed so thrilled the economy had taken a turn for the worse. According to the media, abortion clinics seemed thrilled to predict while many industries suffered from bleak economic indicator s, the abortion industry was riding high predicting that the recession would be a boom time for Big Abortion. But, let’s just say they’re not having the great recession they were hoping for.

In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie reacted to the recession by rightly saying that the state is “broke” and can’t afford to fund abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood as it has in the past.

Atlantic City Press reports:

Legislative Democrats restored budget cuts of $7.5 million, but Republican Gov. Chris Christie vetoed the spending Friday afternoon. Unless Democratic lawmakers succeed in leading a vote to override the governor’s veto, funding for the centers will run out.

While the cuts will affect 58 centers statewide, Cumberland County, with high rates of teen pregnancy and unemployment, is likely to lose two of its three health centers, in Millville and Bridgeton, both run by provider FamCare, Inc.

Atlantic City’s branch of Planned Parenthood would face service cuts, possibly closing its doors three days a week.

This is interesting because Christie doesn’t seem to be a culture warrior. But he has pulled funding from abortion clinics in the name of fiscal responsibility due to the very same recession which was supposed to enrich Planned Parenthood and its minions.

You’d have to imagine that many in the abortion industry are now attempting to put the corks back in their champagne bottles. This kind of thing has to hurt the feelings of Big Abortion acolytes terribly because when the recession started, their hopes were so sky high that the abortion industry was recession proof. And the poor mainstream media must be devestated as well after passing along predictions from their fellow travelers in Big Abortion so eagerly…Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>