Senate candidate Carly Fiorina wants you to know she’s pro-life. But she wants everyone to know that she’s not like really really pro-life.

She’s kinda’ OK with life, not totally against it but if someone wanted to be against it she’d be cool with that too. But if you wanted to do something kinda’ pro-life she might be into that too maybe if it maybe wouldn’t hurt her candidacy.

Last night, Fiorina freaked out at the debate because Senator Barbara Boxer has accused her of being pro-life.

From The Politico:

But when the moderator, KPCC’s Patt Morrison, raised the lightning-rod issue of abortion rights, Fiorina accused Boxer of engaging in a “unconscionable shocking misrepresentation” of her record to divert voters’ attention.

While Fiorina considers herself “pro-life” and has the backing of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony Group, she said she does not support the criminalization of abortion in any instance, would not introduce legislation to ban abortion and promised not to use the issue as a litmus test in determining her support for candidates nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court.

So she’s pro-life but wouldn’t make it against the law, wouldn’t introduce legislation to make it against the law, and wouldn’t work to put judges in place who would rule in a pro-life manner.

But she considers herself pro-life so don’t worry. I’m starting to think that Carly Fiorina might just be pro-Carly Fiorina.

Here’s the rule. Pro-life with caveats means you’re not pro-life. Got it?