Ho-hum. Another former priest who came of age in the 1960’s is telling the Church that it’s wrong on the environment and contraception. And he wrote a book all about it.

Paul Collins recently wrote and is now selling a book on why the Church is responsible for the environment being in ruins. Here’s some quotes he gave in a recent interview, interesting mainly not because of his devotion to the environment but how little he thinks of humanity.


The problem with both Christian- with Christianity generally, with Protestantism and Catholicism – the problem was that in that period the emphasis was very much on human kind.

You’ve got to remember that this was a period when human population was growing inexorably. I mean, the take-off human population begins in the, if you like, in the late 18th century. It’s been increasingly before that but… And so the kind of emphasis is very much on the social.

If you for instance look in the 19th Century you’ll find a very social doctrine. For instance, within Catholicism, you’ll find it within Methodism, within the Protestant tradition. So the churches I think were- had become, if you like, myopically focused on the human.

Myopically focused on the human? And that’s a bad thing?

You know when Jesus was nailed to the cross and asked His Father to forgive them I don’t think he meant for cutting down the tree to make the cross.

Collins added, later in the interview:

“I’m not supporting the Church’s teaching on contraception because I see population as the greatest environmental problem that we’re facing and I’m one of the few Catholics who is prepared to say that.”

One of the few? I love how these guys create their own laurels and announce to everyone how brave they are for saying what everyone around them agrees with.

Collins believes that the Church is too focused on humans and wants to make sure that people contracept to avoid making more humans. Methinks that Collins’ problem with the Church is that the Church likes humans.