This is so completely stupid. I’d comment on it but I have to go pick up the kids from school. Cassy Fiano tears it apart better than I could anyway.

Pro-abortion radicals will try to use any tool in their arsenal to dehumanize the unborn. They have to, if they want to be able to convince women to keep abortion common. After all, the pro-abortion line has never truly been about choice. There’s only one acceptable choice, and that choice is abortion. But if women continue to think that what they’re growing inside them when they’re pregnant is an actual human being, then pro-abortion fanatics have a problem. Choice USA decided that there was a simple way to fix this problem: show how ridiculous the idea that an unborn baby is an actual person is by pointing out that, erm, unborn babies can’t play tennis … and, um, therefore can’t be a real person. Makes sense, huh?

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