When historians look back in history they sometimes criticize bishops or popes for not speaking out forcefully enough against the atrocities of their age. No historian will be able to say that about Bishop Peter Elliot.

The Australian reports:

THE “warped practice of eugenics is rising from its Nazi tomb” in Australia, a senior Catholic bishop says.

Bishop Peter Elliott, head of Melbourne’s John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family told mass-goers in Bendigo Cathedral on Sunday: “A seek-and-destroy policy kills little human beings in the womb because they are ‘guilty’ of Down Syndrome, dwarfism or other imperfection.

“They are deemed to be unfit to live for they do not come up to the standard of the ‘designer baby’ and a healthy, sport-loving race.

“It is no surprise that euthanasia is being strongly promoted today. Nor should it be a surprise that this is the policy of a political and ideological force that puts more value on wattle and wombats than people.

“Resurgent aggressive secularism resorts to killing as it strives to engineer, direct and control not only society, but your life and mine.”

Could you imagine hearing this at Sunday Mass? I think I’d applaud. And then weep that it was necessary.

HT Pewsitter