I do not have a shortage of things to be thankful for in my life but I think foremost in my mind is that I’m thankful I wasn’t at the Turkey Testicle Festival today. That’s right, thousands of Americans showed up ON PURPOSE to eat turkey testicles.

UPI reports:

Organizers of the 28th annual Turkey Testicle Festival in Illinois said more than 1,000 pounds of fowl genitals were served to a crowd of about 4,000 people.

The Parkside Pub in Huntley said Wednesday’s event featured regulars and first-timers sampling turkey testicles that had been breaded, deep fried and served in cups, The (Crystal Lake) Northwest Herald reported Friday.

Jeff Lovell, owner of Parkside Pub, said many are drawn to the event by the unique taste of the dish. “The smaller ones are more flavorful,” he said. “Most people compare it to chicken or mushrooms. And really, anything breaded and deep fried can’t be too bad.”

I’ve got to admit that I do love that last quote but not enough to make me go there. Not even close to enough.