The National Organization for Women doesn’t believe parents should have the right to bring their kids to a Hooters restaurant.

Yeah, the same people who want to outlaw children going into Hooters are actually pretty OK with 7th grade girls skipping out on Social Studies to hop on down to the local abortion clinic without parental consent.

Weasel Zippers reports:

The restaurants in San Francisco, San Bruno, Sacramento and Orange County are classified as “adult entertainment” establishments but also serve minors, NOW’s California chapter said in papers filed with police and prosecutors.

What’s more, the organization said, Hooters provides child menus, high chairs and booster seats, and sells T-shirts in children’s sizes that identify the wearer as a “Future Hooters Girl.”

Patricia Bellasalma, NOW’s California president, asserted that Hooters is violating state and local laws prohibiting sexually oriented “adult” businesses from serving minors. The chain is also violating federal employment standards, she said.

It’s not that NOW is against kids going into Hooters because who the heck wants their kids going into Hooters? Not me. But it’s the hypocrisy that drives me crazy. They immediately reach out to the government to put a stop to it. Mind you, these are the same people who are constantly yelling about parental choice. So, according to NOW, parents are allowed to choose to kill their children, they just can’t take them for a burger at Hooters.

Like I said, I’m not pro-Hooters. I’m just kinda’ anti-NOW. So sue me. Oh wait, they might.