I’m not going to give up on this story.

NYC unions sabotaged the city’s cleanup efforts after the blizzard and people, including a newborn baby, died.

Yid with Lid writes that evidence is mounting that city workers sat back as the city was paralyzed by the blizzard in order to make a point:

For example, according to Sanitation department records, between 660 and 720 Sanitation workers called in sick for the cleanup of last week’s blizzard, usually that number his half that amount.Quite the coincidence. And per another report by the NY Post a group of on-duty Sanitation supervisors spent Monday night getting plowed when they were supposed to be plowing.

Plow trucks sit idle on Monday, shortly after the storm let up, in Kensington, Brooklyn. Witnesses say four Sanitation supervisors spent the night drinking in their official sedan a few blocks away. The four remained in the idling sedan until morning — then told their bosses they could do nothing about the blizzard because they had run out of gas, one witness said.

“They just sat in their car all night with the heat running,” the witness said.

I honestly believe that some people here should face charges.

Now, while I hope that’s what happens I suspect that what will happen is we’ll have some backroom dealings and everyone will walk away calling the event “regrettable” or some such nonsense. Let’s face it, there’s no way Democrat controlled New York goes after the unions on this. No way. But that doesn’t stop us from pointing out the obvious, politics in NYC has a body count.

Yid with Lid has the details on the story.