Can we end the myth now that abortion is due to a lack of contraception?

New York City is the contraception capital of the world. If you can’t get a condom there you can’t get it anywhere. Yet, NYC has a 41% abortion rate per pregnancy while the national rate is about 24%.

Patrick McIlheran of JS Online writes:

Four in every 10 new humans who begin life in New York do not survive to birth because of the deliberate violence of abortion. We’re customarily told that if one wants to reduce that, contraception’s the answer – prevent unwanted pregnancy and you won’t have unwanted humans diced up in utero.

How is it, then, that New York should have a 41% abortion rate – when New York may well be the American city where contraceptive help is most readily at hand? Planned Parenthood boasts of its clinics and free services. The state provides free comprehensive family planning for the needy. The public schools offer clinics with a range of “reproductive health services,” including contraceptives.

And yet four of 10 children do not survive pregnancy as they are, apparently, “unwanted.” It’s as if New York were a vast, gruesome experiment, and the idea that lots of free rubbers reduce abortion has failed miserably.

And the goal of the pro-abortion left is to make the world like New York City.

It’s become clear to anyone interested in truth that increased availability of contraception leads to an increase in the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions because guess what…sex leads to babies. I know. Who’d a thunk it, right?