Oh, its on like Donkey Kong!

Mess with the bull, you get the horns!! Or something like that.

Jimmy Akin, the ginger-haired sage at the National Catholic Register, has called me to an Aaron Burr / Alexander Hamilton like duel over the issue of Papal sainthood!

I, as stated in my very wise post of this morning, I prefer a wise, thoughtful, and slowly paced canonization process.

Akin, however, clearly prefers the fast-food super-sized McSaint process.

Ok. He doesn’t actually prefer the McSaint process. I am just making that up. But he does prefer a middle-moderate way, and we all know that nothing good ever came of that!! Can I hear an amen?

So go read Jimmy’s folly here. But know this. One day, in the not so distant future Jimmy will rue the day he disagreed with me in public! Well, maybe rue is a strong word. Perhaps there will be pangs of mild regret. Oh, there will be pangs!