This is unbelievable if by unbelievable I mean completely predictable. You’ll remember how the Tuscon tragedy was blamed on conservatives with absolutely no evidence (or logic). Well now, some are attempting to blame conservatives for the mass murder of babies in Philadelphia.

John Sexton at Hot Air’s Green Room writes:

Maybe you thought last week’s exercise in futility was going to be a teachable moment for the left. For some, it probably was. Even the NY Times made a half-assed admission of failure.

One week later, Amanda Marcotte is right back to the playbook, this time blaming the murders committed by pro-choice abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell on conservative pro-lifers:

Marcotte’s “reasons” are:

1)Us pro-life extremists have placed a stigma on abortion so not many doctors want to perform them so we’re essentially forcing women to go to nutty mass murdering doctors.

2)These women could have gone to the wonderful Dr. Tiller but us pro-life extremist nuts killed him.

Marcotte’s logic (if by logic you mean insane ramblings) is fun to read in a masochistic way but I wouldn’t advise it.

But John Sexton’s take down of her is a great read. Continue reading at the Green Room.