A blogger put in a prank call to Governor Scott Walker while pretending to be a big billionaire donor. After reading the news reports I honestly don’t see the news in this. The Governor said he was going to try to ram his legislation through? Gasp! He said he would likely start sending out pink slips to employees who didn’t show up to work? Oh, the horror! And is it really a news flash that politicians will often take the call of billionaires?

But in just one day the media has run 521 stories in the past day about this prank call, according to Google News.

Now, compare this to Lila Rose’s undercover videos which SHOW how Planned Parenthood, which receives over $350 million in taxpayer funding, is breaking the law by assisting in underage sex slavery at multiple locations.

According to Google News, there’s been just 203 news stories on the Lila Rose videos when I use the term “Lila Rose Planned Parenthood.”

I guess the media only likes certain kinds of sting operations, huh? Nah, no bias there.