Live Action reports:

Early this morning, Live Action Investigator and sidewalk counselor Gaby Federico discovered a dead, dismembered baby in the parking lot of Hilltop Family Planning Clinic, an abortion clinic in El Paso, TX. The Hilltop clinic advertises abortions up to 15 weeks.

Federico and a fellow pro-life sidewalk counselor at the clinic were alerted to the find by a man who lives next door to the clinic. He said the night before, his dog had been sniffing around the parking lot and found the baby’s body parts lying on the ground. The man placed the body parts in a plastic bag next to the clinic and alerted Federico this morning. At approximately 9:15 AM, Federico and others found disarticulated tissue, two bloody legs with feet, and a severed hand in the bag.

Police arrived at the clinic around 11:30 AM and are investigating and interviewing clinic staff. Abortion clinic staff have claimed the body is not “theirs” and that they “dispose of bodies properly.” The Bishop of El Paso, Armando Achoa, is also at the clinic and has asked for the body to for a funeral and burial.

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