When I bring my kids school sometimes we put on the radio. All I can say is thank goodness we’re country music fans. I couldn’t imagine turning on the moaning of the Gaga or Britney when you’ve got guys like Kenny Chesney and Darius Rucker singing songs that mean so much.

I heard this song by Kenny Chesney this morning and although I know it’s two years old I think it’s an incredible pro-life song. My nine year old commented on how the same chorus meant two different things in that Chesney first bemoans that his girlfriend was pregnant and using very similar words showed how much he loved his daughter. It’s pretty awesome.

And then you’ve got Darius Rucker who sings in his upbeat way about thanking God for his life. My kids love Darius Rucker and they love singing along. As I was singing along I thought that I too thank God for his guidance because He knows I fought him every step of the way to the happiest time of my life.