Get this. MTV has pulled a pro-life ad, claiming that the makers of the ad are too controversial or something. Because, you know, MTV doesn’t like controversy at all. For over a year the former music video channel has run this ad from Heroic Media.

But MTV is now refusing to run this ad saying, “Upon further review, it was hard for us to separate some of the recent tactics of the organization behind the ads themselves, so we have opted to not accept them for air at this time,” said Jeannie Kedas, Senior Vice President MTV Networks, in a statement.

By “recent tactics,” MTV is referring to billboards that highlight the crazy high abortion rate in the African American community. Oddly enough, MTV is gearing up for some kind of partnership with Planned Parenthood. Quid pro quo? I wonder.

But think about the incredible hypocrisy here. Planned Parenthood kills little African-American babies at a higher rate than they kill white babies. Heroic Media points out this fact. MTV gets outraged at Heroic Media. Does that make sense? It doesn’t unless one understands that the agenda here by MTV isn’t truth or saving black babies. It’s silencing the truth.

But the thing I don’t understand is that if MTV were smart they’d be promoting adoption and the pro-life cause. Hey, just a business suggestion to MTV folks. Your customers are young people. Methinks it would be in your best interest to promote the birth of lots and lots of them. Think about it. Because many babies grow up to be idiotic teenagers who for a short while will somehow think MTV is cool. Promoting abortion on your channel isn’t just wrong. It’s bad business. You’re actually promoting cutting your demand. Duh!

But sadly, it would seem MTV is run by pro-abortion ideologues.

HT Oregon Faith Report