Jill June, president of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, called efforts to prevent Big Abortion from performing remote control abortions “shameful.” Really? It’s shameful that a woman undergoing a dangerous procedure actually be seen by a doctor in person.

Wasn’t feminism supposed to be about getting women better healthcare? Big Abortion is singlehandedly bringing abortion back into the back alley with their efforts at telemedicine. What’s the difference. They’ll be a little screen with a doctor hundreds of miles away? That’s an improvement?

Big Abortion is claiming that by implementing telemedicine, they aim to provide women living in remote and rural areas of with greater access to abortion services. But abortion via remote control is really about there not being enough abortionists. How many times have we read about the “graying” of abortionists. So now they can have one abortionist handing out abortion pills like it’s his job – because it is.

This is about it not being profitable to have abortionists stationed all over rural areas so they want to set up a television screen for doctors to hand out abortions via remote control.

Come on. Does anybody seriously believe that women aren’t endangered by this kind of practice?