We here at CMR never ask for donations for ourselves. We figure that if we weren’t blogging here we’d just be yelling the same things at passing cars. We are a pro-life blog obviously. And my wife and I try to walk the walk in our lives as well. The past few years my wife has donated substantial time and money along with many other wonderful folks to keep a home for mothers going in Philadelphia.

It’s called Mothers’ Home and they’ve saved hundreds of babies and mothers over the past two decades. Well, they need your help now. You can watch this video that sums up pretty well what they do there. It’s a truly pro-life organization that helps expectant mothers who are in peril.

The Mothers’ Home Story from Mothers' Home on Vimeo.

I feel a little like Sally Struthers here but this is what it’s all about – helping people. I know times are tight believe me. But please help Mothers’ Home. They really need it right now. Here’s the DONATE PAGE. Anything you could do would be a great help.