You’ve probably heard or seen something about the new film by Emilio Estevez starring his father, Martin Sheen, called “The Way” about a father finishing the Camino De Santiago (or the Way of Saint James) for his dead son.

I’m not a movie reviewer so I’m not going to get all highfalutin on you. All I can say is that I watched it and absolutely loved it. Truly.

Let’s face it. For the most part, Christian movies aren’t usually all that great. This is different. The acting is top notch. Not one false note. The characters are all very human. Nobody’s a caricature. The entire movie felt profound. And it’s the most pro-life movie you’ll see this year in every sense of the word. I guarantee it.

This is not a movie about religious people on a pilgrimage but it’s about broken people finding their way toward love. It’s subtle, artful, and powerfully inspirational. If you want movies to be made for adults and you want religion to be used as something other than a punchline you should support this movie.

So anyway, besides getting to watch the movie I was given a chance to interview Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez the other day in Philadelphia. Below is the transcript (slightly edited) of our conversation. In it, Martin tells of how one Archbishop hugged him after watching the movie and Emilio speaks about how he hopes the film gives “a voice to the unborn.”

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