100 percent of Catholics have told a lie or are currently telling a lie so therefore the Church should just accept the sensus fidelum and approve of lying altogether. That’s the logic of “Catholics for Choice” President Jon O’Brien at the On Faith blog.

Check it out:Jon O’Brien writes:

First, they mentioned the “ sensus fidelium —the graced and experience-fed wisdom of the faithful that has always been one of the sources of truth in the Catholic tradition.” Since the overwhelming majority (98 percent) of sexually active Catholic women have used a form of modern contraception, it seems that Catholics in the pews might have something important to say to those in the pulpit. We should remember that it was only recently, in 1968, that a majority of the pope’s hand-picked advisors agreed that there was no moral, theological or pastoral reason to ban Catholics from using contraception. The bishops, however, would like us to forget that moment in Catholic history.

I don’t know where they get that 98% statistic from but even if it’s true, it’s not taking into account the many many people who have contracepted in the past don’t anymore and repented. Repentance, remember that? I guess they probably wouldn’t.

Update: O’Brien also attacked the Catholic University of America President John Garvey for his defense of religious liberty. Check it out here.