Wow. What a day. I’ve been watching the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform hold a hearing on religious liberty in the face of the HHS mandate.

It was inspiring at times and absolutely crazy at others with Dems storming out and Planned Parenthood tweeting about it and some Catholic college presidents hitting absolute home runs in defense of liberty and Bishop Lori with the most unique testimony of the day.

Here’s four stories I wrote for The Cardinal Newman Society. If you read them it’ll be like you spent your whole day watching the same stinking internet feed that I watched all day.

First, we’ll start with the surreal and go to Bishop Lori of Bridgeport, who won the award for the longest sustained metaphor with his Parable of the Kosher Deli.

Then we’ll go to two of the most inspiring Catholic college Presidents out there in Belmont Abbey’s Bill Thierfelder and the Catholic University of America’s John Garvey:
Belmont Abbey President Vows Not to Waiver in Defense of Religious Liberty.

CUA President Garvey Assuses the Obama administration of Political Agenda

Then we’ll cut right to the shenanigans with the Dems storming out because they couldn’t transmogrify ( a scientific term) the hearing into a hearing on how religion harms women’s right to contraception.

It was a heckuva day on the Hill. And there’s more to come…