Just one more thought on Santorum’s contraception “scandal.”

You know, Democrats say all the time that they’re “personally opposed” to abortion but then say they can’t legislate that belief. This is, of course, ridiculous in that you can’t believe killing another person is wrong and say that shouldn’t have an effect on the law. But regardless, everyone in the media seems to think that position is hunky-dory.

But when Santorum says he’s personally opposed to contraception but won’t legislate according to that belief, everyone freaks. Why?

Because everything a conservative says is only valuable to the media insofar as it rates on the freakout meter. If they can pretend to be freaked out, they report it.

Here’s the thing -if the media actually believed that a Democrat like Bob Casey were actually personally opposed to abortion, they’d go after him. But they know just like we all know, that Bob Casey doesn’t give a hoot about abortion at all. He knows that pretending to be opposed to it personally is good politics in Pennsylvania because he can fool some pro-lifers into supporting him and pro-aborts will support him because they know he’s lying to the rubes.

But the thing about Santorum is that they know he’s not lying. That’s why Santorum freaks them out.