This is so stupid I almost forget how outrageous it is.

So Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC said that Obama shouldn’t have to swear on the Bible. Catholic League President Bill Donohue had some extra snark lying around so he put it to use by saying that maybe Obama should swear on Das Kapital.

Kinda’ funny, right? I mean not laugh so hard you hurt your spleen uproarious but worth a few snickers definitely in a funny ’cause it’s true way.

So, as Noel Sheppard reported, NPR contributing anchor Louise Schiavone took to her Twitter account Saturday asking the disgraceful question, “What is this group? Do they wear hoods?”

What? A little commie joke from Donohue and now he’s a member of the KKK? Hey, Louise, you ever research how the KKK felt about Catholics? They like Catholics as much as you like logic.

HT Newsbusters