This is great news. Colleen Carroll Campbell is a great Catholic voice and I’m glad she’ll be on EWTN more regularly. Can’t wait.

Whenever I watched her on EWTN I always wondered why we didn’t see more of her. Now we will. It’s like I have magical powers or something. I think things and then they happen. Wow. She should like totally be grateful to me.

STL Today reports:

Say so long soon to Colleen Carroll Campbell, former Post-Dispatch staffer, who is moving to Washington to anchor a daily program on EWTN.

Campbell will be moving from Kirkwood for the new assignment. The show — logically labeled “EWTN Daily News with Colleen Carroll Campbell” — is slated to debut June 3.

“We’re hoping the show will be a serious player on the international as well as national media scene,” she said.

*subhead*More Colleen please.*subhead*