While the Obama administration does everything it can to legalize millions of illegal aliens in America, he is seeking to deport a homeschooling family from Germany.

The Romeikes are an evangelical Christian homeschooling family who were forced to flee Germany a few years ago after police officers there raided their house and dragged their children off to public schools. The Romeike’s have six children.

Understandably, after such a horrible incident, the Romeikes sought asylum in America where they could have freedom of religion and educate their children at home if they wished. They were originally granted refugee status and allowed to stay but now the Justice Department is attempting to revoke the Romeike’s status and attempting to deport the family. The Justice Department is saying that Germany’s ban on homeschooling doesn’t violate the Romeikes’ human rights.

This is a family that came to America seeking freedom and they’re being deported. They’re being told by the Obama administration that police forcing their children into government-run secular schools is not a violation of their human rights.

The Black Sphere points out that one of the arguments proffered by the government should frighten the heck out of parents everywhere.

In its appeal, the ICE argued that the United States government does in fact have the authority to prohibit homeschooling. While this assertion alone should send chills up the back of every homeschool family, it shouldn’t necessarily surprise us. For years, statists have been trying to loosen the parental grip on children and herd them into the “collective” (channeling MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry).

This is distressing news.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the value that the Obama administration puts on religious freedom. But keep the Romeikes’ in your prayers.