The “Catholic” governor of New York Andrew Cuomo’s attempt to horrifically expand abortion rights in New York died today in the Senate. And Cuomo is vowing revenge.

You see, this was going to be the basis for Cuomo’s run for the presidency in 2016. But now the Catholic Church and some pro-life legislators who somehow think killing babies isn’t cool have foiled his presidential plans. And they will pay. He warned in a radio interview that this issue would play a role in the upcoming elections.

Cuomo’s plan was radical. CNA reports:

The proposal would have declared abortion to be a “fundamental right.” It would have allowed any licensed “health care practitioner,” including non-doctors, to perform abortions. It would have barred any abortion regulations such as parental notification for a minor considering abortion, while also decriminalizing abortions after 24 weeks into pregnancy when a woman’s health was in danger.

The legislation would also have protected abortionists who kill women during abortions from being charged with manslaughter.

The law would likely have increased abortions in New York where in NYC, abortion rates are over 40% already.

Kudos to the bishops and Cardinal Dolan for taking a strong stand on this issue.