The funny thing about one of the producers of the Harry Potter movies making the controversial book about Jesus which was called “Zealot” is that when it fails, Hollywood will point to as another reason not to make religious movies.

Producer David Heyman is making, the book about Jesus Christ which was written by Muslim author Reza Aslan, into a movie. The guy is the real deal. He produced the film “Gravity” which was pretty amazing.

But it’s just so unsurprising that of all the books written about Jesus, Hollywood goes with the one which essentially paints Jesus as a violent radical intent on revolution. And pretty much anything that doesn’t fit into Aslan’s caricature of Jesus is written off as the inventions of those who came later.

Aslan said last year that his objective in writing the book “was to illuminate the life of Jesus in a humanistic, as opposed to religious, context.”

How does one separate the two in any novel, never mind one about Jesus Christ? His claims are kinda’ clear. But I guess Aslan would say those claims were added later…or something.

Aslan is a Muslim who attempts to remove any divinity from Jesus. This movie, I’m sure, will get loads of attention from the media and then it’ll be almost completely ignored by most people.

So ironically, this is me putting it on my blog to announce that we’re going to ignore this movie. Yeah, we’re kinda’ like the six year old who has to make a show of putting our hands over our ears and announcing to people that we’re not speaking to them.