“This is a religious civil war: Hobby Lobby only the beginning for new religious theocrats” screams the headline at Salon.com. “The Tea Party controls the House. Religious extremists run the Supreme Court. We’re approaching a very scary time.”

Paul Rosenberg, moonlighting from his normal gig with Al Jazeera (seriously), wrote:

The United States is still a democratic republic, formally, but what that actually means in practice is increasingly in doubt — and the Hobby Lobby ruling, deeply disingenuous and sharply at odds with centuries of Anglo-American law, exemplifies how that formal reality is increasingly mocked in practice. It is a practice best described as neo-feudalism, taking power away from ordinary citizens, in all their pluralistic, idiosyncratic diversity, and handing it over to corporations and religious dictators in both the public and the private realm. The Supreme Court’s actions are not taking place in a vacuum — though they are filling one: As Tea Party Republicans in the House increasingly bring democratic self-government to a halt, contracting the power of we the people to act as a cohesive self-governing whole, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority shifts ever more everyday power into the hands of private dictatorships.

Wow. So a Christian who doesn’t want to be forced to buy abortifacients for others is now seeking to be a private dictator? It’s funny that the only tyrants the left is concerned with are the private ones.