Muslim author Reza Aslan who denied Jesus’ divinity in his book about Jesus called “Zealot,” is now saying that Jesus was all for taking away the wealth of others.

I’d love to know what part of the Bible he’s talking about. Oh yeah, the part by Karl Marx.

The Blaze reports:

In particular, Aslan said that Jesus’ focus was on the poor, teaching that the downtrodden would one day be the “inheritors of the earth.”

“If there’s one thing that you can really zero in on when it comes to Jesus’ preachings — and I mean the historical Jesus — was his absolute hatred of wealth,” Aslan continued. “This wasn’t the man who was neutral about it … what he preached was that those who have wealth, that wealth will be taken away.”

He added, “That’s as close to Marxism as it gets.”

Jesus encouraged people to give away their wealth. He did not encourage others to take it. There’s kind of a big difference there, doncha’ think?