The Christian owners of a video production company are suing the Minnesota Department of Human Rights as well as the state’s Attorney General to prevent the state from forcing them to produce videos celebrating same-sex marriages which would run counter to their Christian beliefs.

The lawsuit from Carl and Angel Larsen of St. Cloud own the Telescope Media Group states that, “Minnesota law requires business owners, like the Larsens, who produce videos telling the story of marriages between one man and one woman, to also produce videos celebrating marriages between two men or two women, and to contract in a way to celebrate these marriages.”

If the Larsens fail to comply with the law they open themselves to fines and even the possibility of being found guilty of a criminal misdemeanor.

The Larsens are asking the court to protect their freedom of speech and free exercise of religion rights.

The chances of this case or a case like it going to the Supreme Court, I think, are pretty high. President Trump can’t get some conservative justices on the court fast enough. (Merrick Garland hardest hit. Oh, and Hillary too.) And if any of you liberal judges maybe wanna’ retire and relax, you have my complete support in that endeavor.

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