The right has been trying to stop The Vagina Monologues off college campuses for years. Unsuccessfully for the most part. But now the looney tunes left will succeed in doing what the right couldn’t.

Mount Holyoke College, an as looney as you get all-women’s college, has banned the play. Why?

Randall Smith tells you at The Catholic Thing:

“It turns out, Mount Holyoke is banning the play because it excludes “women” who – and I’m sorry, but I’m not making this up – don’t have vaginas.”

No. He’s not making this up.

They argue that the play is just too darn cisgender! This is a case of the left just imploding in on itself. It’s kind of fun to watch if there weren’t actually young women being twisted by these academorons.

And parents are paying $46,000 per year to have their children twisted into insanity. And make no mistake, that’s what it is. They are teaching these young women to deny reality. It’s sad.