This guys is just nuts and he’s reportedly been put on leave – which means that the school district approves of what he does and is just waiting for the press to die down and they can bring him back.

I wouldn’t leave my children alone with this violent miscreant. reports:

Dr. Zach Ruffs, an assistant principle at Downingtown STEM Academy in Chester County, was placed on administrative leave as a result of the incident, NBC News 10 reported last week.

The teenager was part of a Christian group called Project Frontlines that was hosting a display outside the school earlier in April, according to the report. The “holocaust of abortion” display showed photos of aborted babies and other information to help educate the public about abortion.

The group captured the incident with Ruff on video and posted it to YouTube. During various points in the 18-minute video, Ruff yelled at the pro-life teenager, swore at him, threatened to call the police and told him to “go to Hell.”