This is priceless. Governor Jerry Brown, who it’s been said studied to be a Jesuit priest, said that Republicans must do “penance” for their Obamacare vote.

Maybe he forgot he didn’t become a priest.

LA Times:

And this time, the man who once trained to be a Jesuit priest singled out the state’s Republican members of the House for their unanimous vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act — a move that alone would result in California losing $18.6 billion in federal funds a decade from now.

“They weren’t sent to Congress just to take orders from that crowd, or from Donald Trump,” Brown said. “I think they made a mistake, and they’re going to have to do penance for it.”

You see Governor, penance in politics is when you lose elections. And it seems to me that your party just lost one, a big one.

I guess no “penance” is necessary from the pro-aborts or the gay marriage crowd, huh?