So now it’s illegal to not give taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood? So says a distinguished law professor. So it must be true.


Robert Sedler is a distinguished professor of law at Wayne State University who has argued cases before the Supreme Court. In a recent Detroit Free Press Op-Ed, Sedler made the case that denying funds for Planned Parenthood would be illegal, and Congress cannot punish the organization for providing a service that is constitutionally protected.

Sedler recently spoke with Detroit Today producer Laura Weber-Davis about the issue.
“It is legislative punishment,” he says. “There is no conceivable, legitimate interest in denying funds for medical procedures that they perform for women. There are no federal funds that are used for abortions. So it’s clearly an unconstitutional bill of attainder. It has no place in the American constitutional system.”

Hmmmm. So this guy is arguing that you can’t punish people for doing something legal. Like say a soda tax? Or how about taxing cigarette companies out of existence? No? That’s all well and good, you see.

What this DISTINGUISHED LAW PROFESSOR is getting a little confused about is that there is no constitutional RIGHT to abortion. The “right” the Supreme Court pretended to find was a right to privacy. And a right to privacy does not mean government funded abortion.

The right to free speech doesn’t mean that everyone gets a radio show to espouse their views.

His reasoning would also make the Hyde Amendment illegal which prohibits public funding of abortion. But something tells me he’d be okay if that too were found illegal.

That’s the thing liberals are always messing up on. They think what they want is a right. And then they see government funding as an extension of that right. If they like something it must be government funded or approved. If they don’t like it, it must be punished by government.

Can you believe people are paying this guy to teach them about the law?