Facebook is great for keeping family and friends connected. Twitter is great for breaking news. But the abandonment of the blogosphere by conservatives and Christians as tools of evangelization or advocacy has been a major mistake.

John Hinderaker of Powerline wrote:

Conservatives made a terrible mistake when they mostly abandoned the web in favor of Facebook, Twitter and other social media. On the internet, of course, we are still somewhat subject to the whims of Google, but Facebook and Twitter have acquired a dangerous ability to suppress conservative speech. My impression is that their efforts in this regard have been stepped up recently, perhaps in anticipation of the midterm elections, perhaps because of a perception that the Left’s campaign to bring down President Trump is failing.

I can absolutely tell you without a doubt that CMR’s twitter account has been reduced by Twitter. We just don’t reach as many people as we used to. Not even close.

The platforms themselves are working against you getting your point of view out. I’m not saying abandon or boycott those platforms because we shouldn’t. But abandoning blogs is a mistake. Just sayin’