Hillary: “They were never going to let me be president”

I agree if by “they” she means the American people.

I mean seriously, GIVE ME A BREAK HERE. Like there was some grand conspiracy by the he-man woman haters club to prevent a woman from becoming president.

That’s some serious Alex Jones type of conspiracy b.s. anyway. Anytime someone uses the word “they” I get a little nervous. The funny thing is that in actuality, the Clintons are “they.” They are the ones who actually fixed the primary to ensure that Bernie Sanders never had a chance. The poor little wacko actually got more votes than Hillary but it never mattered. The fix was in. And THEY fixed it.

If Hillary wanted to put a woman in the White House so bad maybe she should’ve supported Sarah Palin for vice president. But Hillary doesn’t actually care about a woman in the White House. She wants herself in the White House. The sad truth is that to the Clintons everyone who’s not supporting them is “they.” They are the other and must be destroyed.

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