I’m puzzled by those who seek to deny Alfie Evans’ family the right to remove him from the hospital which wants to remove his breathing tube to take him to another hospital which wants to attempt to keep the child alive.

Many of these same people are pro-choice which is interesting because many of their “pro-choice” arguments come down to mandating that the mother be the ultimate “chooser” or whether the baby lives or dies. On top of that they often say the decision is between a woman and her doctor. But when it comes to issues like this they say that the hospital should decide or even a judge.

So what unites their thinking? Death. Death is the only link. They opt for death above all. It was never about choice. It was always about death to inconvenience. Death to difficulty. That’s a scary thought but it is the only link. Our culture is in the grips of a death fetish. We’ve become so lazy that anything inconvenient, even life itself, must be done away with if it prevent my immediate happiness.

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