A Huffington Post piece typically has all the intellectual depth of an Arby’s menu but a recent one targeting pro-lifers spelunks into depths of insanity as of yet unrecorded by archaeologists, historians, and maybe even actors.

I will not link directly to the piece as it has been known to have similar side effects as drinking asbestos flavored Kool-Aid. And I also don’t want to encourage them to continue their brand of hit and run clickbait journalism but LifeNews ran a piece on it so you can check that out.

The HuffPo piece titled, “4 Devious Ways States Chipped Away at Abortion Rights in 2018” is the kind of idiocy that makes your brain go blue screen and reboot so that you’ll no longer recognize loved ones or know hope.

So my first thought in reading it was OK. I get it. They don’t like us. But it’s not actually because we’re devious. You want to know why they don’t like us. It’s because we’re not devious!!! I would argue that the pro-life movement has been the most transparent political movement in the history of our nation. We are more transparent and obvious than a joke on The Big Bang Theory. And honesty is a rare commodity in politics.

I’ll sum it up: We think all life is sacred. We don’t like people killing babies in the womb or out of the womb for that matter. We talk so much about the sacredness of life that the pope himself told us that we talk about abortion too much!!! That’s how much!

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