My new pro-life novel (of which I am so proud) will be coming out next month. I recently received the cover from my publisher and couldn’t be more excited. I think it looks awesome.

It’s an exciting story about a pro-life young woman who attempts to hold a funeral for her unborn brother. This sets off a national firestorm and many are forced to make decisions about who they are. 

I have come to believe that as Catholics we must engage the culture, including art. I’ve read a great deal of Christian literature and to be honest, it’s a mixed bag. We have to write captivating entertaining stories. Christian stories shouldn’t be boring. We must grapple with the eternal questions. What could be more exciting than the fate of one’s soul? 

I believe Christians are desperate for stories of heroism, courage, and sacrifice. This is what I hope to bring.

If you’re interested in American Antigone, please send me an email at and I’ll let you know when it comes out. Thanks.