My new pro-life novel “American Antigone” is out now. Please order your copy by heading over to Amazon. 

The actions of a young woman to honor her aborted brother ignite a national firestorm that changes the lives of everyone involved. American Antigone is a roller coaster ride of life-and-death encounters, a media firestorm, and a tale of grace and conversion. This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about a culture of life, religious freedom, or understanding our current national crisis.

Here’s two reviews:

“In a media world filled with soundbites and ‘gotcha’ stories, this story offers a personal look at divisive political issues and the real impact they have on our communities, our families, and ourselves. Bravo to Matthew Archbold for offering today’s confused and divided world a much-needed dose of truth, humanity, and inspiration.”

–Danielle Bean, author, speaker, and manager of

“An achingly beautiful story with an emotionally powerful ending that offers a message of hope at a time when hope is so desperately needed. This is also a courageous novel that confronts both the hypocritical faithless and the timorous faithful, challenging readers of all beliefs to think again about the culture-defining issue of our time.”

–Philip Hawley Jr., novelist and author of Stigma 

Please consider purchasing “American Antigone.”