Yahoo headline: “This is Amy Coney Barrett, The Potential RBG Replacement Who Hates Your Uterus.”

And get this. She hasn’t even been nominated yet. She is the one they fear. That’s a pretty strong resume enhancer I’d say. Let’s have this out. It’s not just her they will attack. Catholics everywhere will be in the crosshairs. 
Don’t worry. We’ve been there before. We’ve been fed to lions. We’ve been martyred on crosses and beheaded on beaches. Some nasty headlines don’t begin to make us cower. Because here’s the truth that we know, the truth that history teaches, not that they would know anything about history. Whenever and wherever the Catholic Church is persecuted, it grows. That’s what it does. That’s what’s it done for the past 2,000 years and that’s what it will continue to do despite the best efforts of the woke and whiny brigades attempting to cancel us.
Make no mistake we’re going down a dark road. But that’s why we have light, isn’t it? Isn’t that what we’re called to do? Spread light in the darkness. 
This guy won’t be hiding his light under a bushel. I don’t even have a bushel. (My wife might. I don’t really know what a bushel is.)
But what I do know is that every move they make to tear down the Church they make it increasingly clear who they are. And that’s precisely what they don’t want. They hide behind obfuscations and misleading words like “choice” and “tolerance” which mean the exact opposite of what they actually mean. They promote those with a faux faith with the intentions of expanding the meaning of Christianity into meaninglessness. But here’s the thing. False gods demand bloody sacrifice. Every time.
And then and only then will people see them for who they really are. And that’s when everything they’ve attempted will fall apart. When they stand among the rubble we will all see who they are. They are destroyers. They do not have the capacity to create. They can only destroy. Look to the cities where they “protest.” It is no surprise that among their favorite targets are churches. They know their enemy.
But God created the universe as an act of love. Only love can create something meaningful and lasting. Hate can only hollow out and destroy. And when the world is surrounded by anarchy and death, people will look to the builders to create something. And we will. With love in our hearts we will rebuild, just like God intended.
Pray folks. Pray.